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This is the first shoot I’ve styled and I’m hoping it will be the first of many. Each month I’ll be putting together an editorial that reflects Creme’s aesthetic and also gives a new spin on Argentine fashion, incorporating inspirations I come across along the way, vintage pieces, interesting references, props, backdrops, there are no limits! Joining forces with Emma Livingston and friends of Creme each month we hope to push the boundaries of how local fashion designers are represented.

Image 1
Jacket: Dubie
Knitted jumper: Greens
Shoes: Jessica Kessel

Image 2 & 3
Hat: Greens
Knitted jumper: Maydi

Image 4 & 5
Shirt: Dubie
Knitted cuffs: Maydi
Grey trousers: Greens

Image 6
Shirt: Dubie
Dress: Greens

Image 7
Sleeveless jacket with white detail: Dubie

Styling: Vanessa Bell and Barbara Arcuschin
Photography: Emma Livingston
Make-up and hair: Pame Morado
Model: Massiel Federo Hungria

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